Discuss transferring assets and protecting your legacy with loved ones.

  • Avoid unwelcome surprises after your spouse or you die by talking with family members now about plans to protect and transfer assets. Select appropriate people to fulfill the key roles in your estate plan. Choose an experienced attorney to give advice and insight on methods of transfer and preparing the documents to best accomplish your wishes.

  • Keep on top of things as circumstances change. Typically, you should have your estate planning documents reviewed every 3 to 5 years.

Money and death are topics that families often find difficult to talk about. Estate planning is a combination of both subjects, so avoidance is a common reaction. Actually, the process can be a very positive one.

Talking with your family about plans to protect and transfer assets can help avoid unwelcome surprises, costly blunders and unnecessary stress at the death. But consider also that dealing with estate planning issues now can strengthen family ties and develop a shared vision. These benefits are enjoyed while you are still alive.